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The Fonz

His early career was responsible for part of the rave scene in Venezuela 15 years ago where he played alongside the biggest names in the Electronic arena such as Carl Cox. Since The Fonz moved to London ten years ago, he has developed his musical repertoire to include more of an eclectic range. His record label Beetroot has gone from strength to strength and now his other projects The Dice and Dub Brigade are taking shape nicely.

Beetroot Records

Remaining underground, independent, and eclectic, BEETROOT, the label with attitude. The label's philosophy is to represent the truest and rawest music around now, whether it be electronica, hip-hop, reggae or punk, as it has demonstrated on its releases. Check the facebook page.

The Dice

The brainchild of Beetroot head honcho Alfonso Araujo (aka Fly), The Dice is a collaboration project with floating vocalist emceekilla from Caxton Press and Tiddles. The music is deep, dark and quirky, with synths and dirty blues guitars underpinned by electronic beats and phat basslines… think Massive Attack meets the Kills. With a vast array of tracks and styles, and a host of musicians, rappers and vocalists to call upon, The Dice are set to usurp your idea of what is possible within the current tapestry of music. Watch this space…

Dub Brigade (Rebel Skank)

A project inspired by dub and reggae influences, fused with electronic beats. Fly and Ram, from the eclectic Beetroot records and the funky techno Minec recordings respectively, join forces to explore the myriad textures and space created by the colliding soundscape


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