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Magicians Monocle

Andy Perry

Had a great time at the Magicians Monocle,a real cornucopia of sights and sounds,the circus meets the dance culture,and lovely mix of people,so many beautiful women .Lots of people making an effort and joining in with dressing up,adding to the spectacle,with some really fantastic outfits.Great mix of music with some wonderful vocals,loved wandering around the various rooms looking at all the amazing installations and artwork,then back down to the main room,for acrobats,magicians,bubble blowing,DJ's and music acts,The photo booth was a great idea,and some great pics of the night. Have to say a big thanks to all involved,and especially Lucinda,( who looked stunning,as usual ),who must have worked so hard to bring it all together,looking forward to more like this

Atiti Sosimi

I first caught sight of the Magician's Monocle event when Lucinda put the information up on fb. The first thing I did in redponse was block the day out so I could attend; I was totally sold!!! Walking into the 'Hackney Baths' that night all my senses were piqued and I knew I would have a brilliant time. From the Burlesque Dancers so beautifully adorned, to the art on display in the antenna room, to the vast array of musician and dancers seamlessly performing at intervals drawing our attention from one part of the room to the next with little or no warning, to the happy excited party goers revelling in the ambience of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party which we all brought to the event by way of our costume spirits and applause. It was everything I expected and more. My only sadness is that I couldn't join the aerial artists gracefully dancing on the ribbons. Thank you Lucinda and crew for a fabulous night!!!

Hi I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did at my wedding 2 weeks ago.
You are so skilled, my makeup was perfect, thank you so much for touching me up during the day too. Everybody loved your music for the DJ set and I gave someone your number just today who wants to book you for their party.
Thank you also for production managing the day, you did a fantastic job kept everything perfectly to time- your a star, you hardly even took a breath.

Susannah Boughtflower

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