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My Bad Sister

Identical twins Polly and Sophie Duniam are a turbo-charged, all-singing and all-dancing duo making big waves on London’s scene. The East London-born sisters are a creative force to be seriously reckoned with, mashing up traditional cockney-style performance with memorable melodies and heavy beats. They call this eclectic creation… CABARAVE.

Growing up with a dance-teaching mum, the pair have performed together since the age of three and toured extensively with The Pet Shop Boys during their Pandemonium World Tour.

Now committed to their own music, Polly and Sophie have been recording and performing for three years under the name My Bad Sister. A truly unforgettable live act, MBS’s razor-sharp mirrored choreography, boundary-pushing costumes and super-catchy lyrics have earned them some serious love on the scene.

Polly and Sophie are reinventing the cabarave scene, bringing technicolour double-trouble! Catch them sinning in the city or on their antics roadshow around Europe and beyond, for a big dose of visual and aural stimulation.


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