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Deadsilence Syndicate

Deadsilence Syndicate started life in London as a collective of ravers, punks, b-boys, hooligans and computer nerds drawn together by their love of heavy duty sound-system music. For the last ten years their unique hybrid sound has been smashing up clubs and festivals in the UK and all over Europe. Call it drum n bass, call it punk and bass, call it what you like. The tunes have even been called 'eerie post-punk-jungle bangers'!! Whatever it is it always hits hard. It’s a tonic, a much-needed shock to the system, a call-to-arms.

Comparisons to The Prodigy at their peak are frequently made, but DSS do it all live, no sequencing, drum tracks or pre-records of any kind. Ben's urgent spoken word vocals have been likened to a mash-up of The Streets and Johnny Rotten. Fact Magazine

Deadsilence are the only live DnB band I've seen where if you turn your back while they're playing, you would think it was an actual DnB record!

Knowledge Magazine

Blistering, eardrum-perforating Drum 'n' Bass thrashed on real live instruments; bass-heavy, brooding, bombastic and raw as botulism.


The Dead Silence Syndicate Band are sounding as fresh as ever with new addition Oscar (London City Soldiers) joining Ben on vocals following the sad passing of Gary DS in 2011. Often called a live Drum and Bass band, the deep sound they make crosses many other genres and tempos - notably electro - and lyrically they always have some choice words to say about the world we live in and where we're going. Veterans of the free party and festival scene that never fail to smash it.

Qui tacet consentire videtur ~ Who is silent consents

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