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1982 - Linoleum, spray cans and the "Return of Captain Rock" illegally transmitting from a battered ghetto blaster, evil underground influences causing a lifelong addiction to vinyl junkie Simon Brown aka The Dexorcist.

By 89 the sound of Browns brand of audio weaponry could be heard deep beneath the ground, educating those that dare dance in art of acid music.

Within no time at all our devious DJ could be found, hidden inside bass bins of darkened clubs, hatching and plotting with new found conspirators known as the Fear Teachers. Embarking on an outdoor adventure armed with records, speakers, turntables and a generator these reckless rave rebels roamed the great British countryside infecting many innocent souls with the spine chilling sounds of acid house, techno, and electro from deep within a forest under a strobe lit moon.

As time grew older many former Fear founders fell foul to the evils of mortgage and marriage yet the devoted Dexorcist remained true to the cause, speaker surfing, sleep deprivation, vodka and vinyl, burning any bass bins that dare stand in his way.

Our twisted electro engineer soon reformed and regrouped to regenerate a new force in urban audio technology. Firing on all cylinders, the Kore Dispension Unit wreaked havoc through the warehouse wastelands and forbidden fields of London and Europe, broadcasting industrial dance music leaving a trail of burnt out bass, frazzled frequencies and broken beats.


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