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Daisy Beau & The Smokey Taps

Prepare to be moved, swayed and goosebumped all over...."

Blessed with natural stage confidence, aged four Daisy Beau made the parents at nursery cry after delivering a heart wrenching solo of ‘Away In A Manger’. She was very upset as she thought she’d done something awful...

A few years on, sporting a dangerously pink bob and Doctor Martin boots, Daisy joined a gospel choir and from there, developed a love for soul and jazz. As she experimented with these sounds, Daisy began to write in a style that brought jazz and blues to sit at the table alongside the folk and acoustic music she'd been surrounded by as a child.

Daisy gained an offer to study at The Brit School, famous for producing such talent as Imogen Heap, Adele and Amy Winehouse, and whilst increasing her knowledge of the world of music through access to rehearsal spaces, professional equipment and peers with the same passion and thirst for creating music, Daisy began to sing, jam and scat her way around the festival scene, applying her Brit School studies to the real world of music and vocal performance. Her writing blossomed and her performance presence matured far beyond her seventeen years.

Collaborations and projects have included Zingaro, vast hip-hop outfit with Kate Tempest, Onetaste - including OneTaste Collective collaborations with artists Jamie Woon and Portico Quartet. Alongside her solo work, Daisy Beau is the lead vocalist of swing band The Smokey Taps.

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